From time to time we offer deals and specials that are designed to give you the most for your Credit. We are always looking for a way to bring you the best products without breaking your Bank.


We have various factories across Tresarain space that allows us to rapidly produce small scale ships, vehicles and items.


With a wide selection and multiple shipyards around various locations, we can produce a vast array of different products. From fighters to cruisers, we can cover your every need.

Crate Based Pricing

TinMar Productions offers a first of its kind program that allows you to purchase in bulk and save while doing it. This program is called Create Based Pricing or CBP for short. 

Let's take a look at an example. One of the staple products of TinMar is the sell of the famed a280 Assault Rifle. The standard selling price for a single a280 is 2.2 million Credits. We understand the need and want to outfit an entire squad with the rifle as they are formidable weapons. We produce them by the batch and with that we offer them at a price of 14 million Credits per crate. Crates hold 7 a280s. By buying them with the CBP program you will ave 1.4 million Credits!