We honestly pride ourselves on giving you the best experience that you can possibly have. That being said, we offer a series of services for your shop. These services do have a slight credit cost associated with them but I hope that you find them fair. If not, I’m up for negotiation.

Initial Shop Setup Assistance – Free

Setting up your shop initially can be tricky with all the settings. Using Discord’s, screen sharing feature we can share our screen and assist you in learning how to set things up. We can walk you through the entire process and show you how to add carriers, products, categories, set up your country and delivery options. We can show you all of it. We truly want you to have the best experience with our market.

Screen Share Technical Support – Free

From time to time we understand that you will need one on one help and we want to be able to provide that to you. So say you can’t figure something, and you want us to come in and fix it or show you how to fix it, we can do that. Though we will have to schedule a time that works for both. This service may not always be able to happen as it depends on the availability of a technologist to perform.

Hosted Email – @swc-tinmar.com – 4,000,000 Cr / year

We only have a limited space for email addresses but if you would like your own @swc-tinmar.com email address we can give that to you for a modest price per year. This isn’t mandatory by any means and we just offer it to have a full immersion into the market. We can set these up individually or we can have a faction email account. Either way you let us know, the price stays the same. We are here to serve you!

TinMar Ad Server (TMAS) – 500,000 Cr / month – OR – 4,500,000 / year

We have our own Ad Server, TMAS and can host your ads on there for a modest 500,000 Cr per month or 4,500,000 / year. If you buy a year’s subscription you get the first month free plus a free 2 months additionally. Why do we have TMAS? The reason is because we wanted to offer a focused ad service to our clients and on our sites and others that participate. If you want to host a ad on your site, just contact us and we will give you the code. We do not over saturate our sites with ads and we only have two spot where ads go. One for the TMAS and one for the SWC Banner Exchange. We can provide more information upon request.