TinMar Corporation Affiliate Program

TinMar Corporation is proud to offer what we call the Affiliate Program. This purpose of this program is to give both non-faction enterprises and factions a place to go and set up their own shop to sell their wares. We host this shop on our Holonet giving you access directly to your own shop! You post and manage your own products, categories and so on. We manage the server and the larger aspects of the shop.

New Product Listings

What We Offer

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
    • TL;DR: We will not give away nor product listings, sales information or customer listings.
  • Strict Privacy Agreements
    • TL;DR: We will never give out email address, handles, credit information and banking information to anyone.
  • Free hosting for your own personal shop. We believe in a open market where any person that wants to set up a shop can. Therefore, we have opened up the TinMar Network to everyone.

TinMar Features

  • Reliable hosting. We believe that if you put your products in a site then it should simply work. No questions asked. We host your site on our holo server and can customize it as you would like.
  • Personal Brand. Tired of not having your own brand? We are here to fix that! With your own virtual domain, we give you the chance to make your shop how you want it. Sell the products you want to sell, build relationships with your customers.
  • Semi-automated. From the moment a order is place, a chain of reaction sets off. Emails are sent to those who need to get them and those emails are customized to TinMar complete with automated payment clicks that just require you to put in the amount!
  • TinMar email address if you so wish! Though this feature isn’t free, we can provide you with an @swc-tinmar.com email address for your business needs. This costs just a modest 2,000,000 credits per month.

More to come!