On behalf of the TinMar Corporation, I am proud to announce that we are officially open for business. As we continue to increase or inventory we encourage you to stick around. Our goal is to bring you solid equipment, when you need it and eventually where you need it. If you stick around you will see that we offer periodic discounts on products from our store and can offer them to our affiliate stores as well!

Would you like to know how to become an affiliate store? Let is know. We are currently beta testing our software and would be more than happy to have you help out. We offer high speed, low latency shop hosting, 99.9% up time on a dedicated server. I’m coming weeks our server will offer the latest in encryption to make sure that your credits are safe.

As we grow we plan to offer different specials and bundles and we hope that you will tag along with us along our journey. As of the time of this writing we are a non-faction group though both Tingo and I are Tresarian citizens. We hope to see you soon!



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