We have been around for sometime now, maybe a week or so, and have yet to introduce ourselves! Allow us to take the time to announce who we are, and state what we are trying to do here in the Galaxy.

Who We Are

Tingo Duster

Coming from an impoverished background, Tingo is a middle-aged man who has made huge strides. From a youthful age, he signed up as a mining apprentice and quickly rose through the ranks to become the Executive Director of Kathol Mining Corporation. At the helm, he had led it through a successful era. This accomplishment did not go unnoticed by the Anzatan Commonwealth. They promoted him to Vice Minister of Interior, which he served faithfully. After Anzatan Commonwealth merged with Tresario Star Kingdom, Tingo took a back-seat role. Upon bumping into Marcinius Turelles at a meeting, there was an instant synergy between the two. This prompted eager discussions and the idea of TinMar was born. Here we are today, forming our vision into reality with Tin’Mar becoming a household name in the galaxy for quality goods and low prices.

Marcinius Turelles

A young being to the galaxy, Marcinius Turelles first started off in the New Republic. After quickly noticing that such the life style was not meant for him, he left New Republic space and made for the Kingdom of Elysia where he stayed to assist in building cities and planets in the Gendius system. Marcinius felt the pull of the Tresario Star Kingdom and eventually broke away from the Kingdom of Elysia to join Tresario. Since becoming a Tresarian Citizen, Marcinius has never been happier. He met up with Tingo after being there for a while and the two came up with the idea of creating TinMar Corporation. Through a couple days of planning and decision making they quickly grew from their initial holosite into what you see here today.

Tresario Star Kingdom

Both Captain Duster and Petty Officer Turelles are full citizens of the Tresario Star Kingdom, and carry the weight and honor or being called Tresarian to heart. Captain Duster and Petty Officer Turelles follow all laws of Tresario Star Kingdom. As they carry out the business of the TinMar Market and TinMar Corporation they will follow all letters of the law in regards to the statues that have been put forth.

Long live Tresario!

TinMar Market

The TinMar Market was an idea that was conceived during a late night conversation between the two. As they sat and spoke it was discussed how there are not many different styles of markets out there that support different types of traders, most notably their wasn’t a market out that allowed them to create their own custom brand. Talk was had about how difficult at times it could be for a Faction or a non-faction group to create their brand and have a central location for their followers to go and purchase what they produce with out having the hassle of deal with third parties. We believe that there should be a way for someone to grow throughout the galaxy, free of charge to them.

This is why we have create the TinMar Market Affiliate program. For more information on that, please visit our Affiliate Program page. If you’re interested, simply sign up.

Think of the TinMar Market as Microsoft. Based in the United Stated but operates globally. ~ Tingo Duster

TinMar Corporation

What actually started it all. TinMar Corporation is a non-faction group of Tresarian citizens that enjoy building and creating gear to be sold to the masses. As TinMar Corporation grows, it plans to increase it’s range of goods and keep many of them in stock in high numbers. As of right now TinMar Corporation does not have a operational headquarters, though soon as they plan to build their Trading Station, that will operate as a base of operations that will be public to the masses.

If you would like to see what TinMar Corporation has to sell, have a look at the shop and place an order!

Have questions, comments or concerns about TinMar Market and TinMar Corporation? We want to hear them! Simply fill out the form below and someone will get back in touch with you.



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testerJic · October 9, 2017 at 11:01

Looking good

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Nice. 😉

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